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Welcome to Morphine Rehab .com is your guide to educating yourself about morphine addiction and recovery.  Anything that you need to know to understand morphine addiction is provided on this website, giving you answers when you need them most.  This resource can offer you answers to some of the most difficult questions associated with morphine addiction and recovery.

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Morphine Rehab .com uses easy to understand language, making it easy to find whatever information you are looking for.  Regardless of whether you are searching for a morphine rehab center, or just need information about morphine addiction, it is all here, on one website, ready to help you.  Don’t hesitate to take the first step towards sobriety, you may be running out of time.

Morphine Addiction

Morphine is an opioid analgesic medication used to treat moderate to moderately severe chronic pain.  Considered to be one of the strongest pain relieving medications available to date, morphine is highly effective for pain relief.  However, as an opiate, it is also very highly addicting and easily abused.  Morphine is synthesized directly from opium, making it a very pure and potent drug.  Because of its potency, it is used as a standard on which most other pain relievers are judged.  In as little as a few weeks, a patient can become dependent on this medication, experiencing withdrawals when stopping use.

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Morphine addiction can compare to that of heroin.  When equally potent doses of both morphine and heroin are introduced to opiate tolerant individuals, the subjects actually had no preference over either one.  In addition, morphine is a tolerance increasing substance, meaning that the longer you use it, the weaker the effect is, and the more a patient will take to get the same feeling as they did before.  For this reason it can be very dangerous to take morphine for any length of time, and is only prescribed for long periods when a patient shows a strong need for chronic pain relief.

Morphine Rehab Treatment

If you have an addiction to morphine and need help to stop, you will have to detox from the drug.  This can be a very painful and grueling process, so much so that you should not consider detoxing alone.  Such an act could result in your death.  Instead, you should use a medical detox program.  These programs can help you safely detox from the drug, under the care and supervision of an experienced medical team.  They can help ease your pain with non-narcotic medications while monitoring your vitals, making sure you don’t go into a coma or die during the process.

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Treatment Options

Morphine Rehab .com can provide you and your loved ones with the chance to live life without addiction.  If you need further information or would like to speak to an addiction specialist right now, you can call 1-888-460-6556.  Our addiction specialists are available 24 hours a day, ready to assist you to find the morphine rehab center that is right for you.  What are you waiting for, call now.