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Morphine Addiction Treatment

Morphine addiction is a serious problem that affects millions of people each year.  Morphine addiction can affect a person in both physical and psychological ways, making it very difficult, if not impossible to quit on their own.  But, you don’t have to go through it alone.  Today, there are many different morphine addiction treatments that you can choose from.  With all of the options available for morphine treatment, you can find one that is right for your addiction and recovery needs.

The main ways to get morphine addiction treatment are through any one or combination of the following: hospitalization, residential treatment and/or outpatient program.  These different types of treatment programs may use their own methods, but the ultimate goal of all of them is to get you to a state of recovery.  Morphine addiction treatment centers can provide you with the tools to get clean and stay clean, such as addiction education, psychotherapy, coping and life skills, as well as a support system of counselors and other recovering addicts.  All of this can improve your chances at long term sobriety exponentially.

Hospitalization/ Medical Detox

The first type of help that can be sought out is hospitalization.  This method can also be called medical detox, as the patient will only be admitted for the time that they are detoxing from morphine.  Medical detox is helpful, after all it get the drug out of your system and gets you back home to your family in less than a week, but going home this quickly can be a bad thing for many morphine addicts.  This is because medical detox doesn’t address the psychological part of the addiction, so many patients usually 85-90% may end up relapsing if they do not seek further treatment after detox.

Residential/Inpatient Treatment

The most intensive morphine addiction treatment option, and also the most successful, is residential or inpatient treatment.  This type of treatment is where a patient checks themselves into a 6 month program where they live on grounds at the morphine addiction treatment center.  This option makes it easier to stay clean while seeking treatment, and can offer a more invasive therapy regimen, as well as a better support system.  These programs usually offer the patients the choice of moving into a sober-living facility when they complete treatment, which can help to acclimatize them back into society, for a higher success-rate.

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient programs are set up to treat the more functioning addict.  These programs are best suited for individuals who cannot take time away from work, or must continue to care for their children while seeking treatment for addiction.  Basically, the patient will continue to live in their home, but will participate in therapy sessions, attend classes, submit to drug tests, and remain under treatment until their counselor decides they have completed all components.  These programs run for a short period of time, usually in between 6 six and six months, depending on the intensity of the addiction.  No matter what type of morphine addiction treatment you choose, you are sure to get the help you need.